Welcome to Style Planet TV Where Your Film Dreams Become a Reality

Style Planet TV is an award-winning film production business headquartered in Sydney Australia. It was launched by the DESIRE GROUPE in 2015. We believe in the magical power of film-based storytelling. We are a full-service film production company, with years of experience, extensive production resources, and a vast network of industry connections to realize any kind of creative vision. We make cinematic quality short films for mobile devices, as well as award-winning feature-length films and documentaries.

 Our headquarters at the Old Wrigley’s gum factory in Rosebery Sydney. We even have our own private high tech rooftop cinema. Style Planet TV is part of the DESIRE GROUPE which was founded in 1993. The DESIRE GROUPE is now a groundbreaking Digital Agency (DESIRE DIGITAL AGENCY), a global Digital media business (Fashion Industry Broadcast),
and a bespoke film studio (Style Planet TV). The three business units operate separately or in unison depending on the project at hand. Together they offer a unique and innovative suite of solutions for brands and businesses looking to dominate their markets in the digital age. 

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